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Introduction to the ILTOF project

ILTOF - Innovative Learning and Training On Fracture – is a Leonardo da Vinci European Union co-funded Pilot Project, part of the European Vocational Training Action Programme. Leonardo da Vinci Pilot Projects are aimed at designing, testing, evaluating and disseminating innovative vocational training and lifelong learning practices, and at promoting innovation in training as well as methodologies, contents, media, products.
ILTOF specific objectives are to improve the know-how transfer process and to develop innovative learning methods with particular focus on e-learning technologies in the field of fracture mechanics and structural integrity.
ILTOF objectives will be pursued by realising innovative training courses and information material. Thanks to the Internet and e-learning technologies such information and training material will be tailored to the users’ needs and easily accessed by those interested in developing and widening their knowledge.


  • Students of Technical Universities
  • Engineers and researchers in industry (design, production/control, maintenance/repairs)
  • Managers responsible for technical decisions at the business level
  • Engineers and inspectors of the Central or Regional control Laboratories and Agencies


  • Design and construction of new infrastructures
  • Development of new design concepts
  • Development and employment of new high-tech materials
  • Maintenance of existing infrastructures, preventing obsolescence and accidents
  • Set up of reliable structural integrity assessments



  • “Thinking”, developing, setting up, implementing and then making available “new” information, training material and e-courses on structural integrity
  • Content: not only traditional content, but also exchange of practices, experiences, opinions, advices, usually not included in any written text
  • Methodology: as the traditional teaching system is often not convenient for the very busy engineering and management staff, modern e-learning technologies will be adopted


  • Distance learning courses (“e-courses”)
  • Web-site featuring active-collaborative material (thematic forums, hypertexts, dynamic collection of links and bibliography, ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ collection)
  • Text books / primers / handbooks for specific training
  • Extensive, edited collection of the main scientific publications in the area
  • Education of a new generation of specialists able to understand, use and master new technologies
  • Exchange of knowledge, experience and skills
  • Fully developed interconnection between industry and scientific-teaching players
  • Creation of a new awareness on ongoing education: up-grade and innovation are really essential for workers, technicians, engineers, managers


    PHASE 1: help us gathering real industry needs

  • Help us identifying your training needs filling in the educational needs survey
  • Give us advice on existing sources of information and training on fracture and structural integrity
  • Subscribe to the ILTOF newsletter to keep current with the project
  • Introduce us to interested people
    PHASE 2: contribute content and advice

  • Contribute to the active / collaborative materials
  • Forums
  • FAQs
  • Links
  • Bibliography
  • Handbooks
  • Point us to relevant scientific publications
  • Put us in contact with existing information and training best practices
    PHASE 3: join testing and evaluation of training

  • You are invited to take full advantage of the results
  • Partecipate in the e-courses
  • Exploit the available information and training material
  • Provide us with your feedback on content and methodology


  Prof. Alberto Carpinteri
  ILTOF Coordinator
  Politecnico di Torino Duca degli Abruzzi, 24  
  I-10129 Turin, Italy
  Tel. +39 011 564 4850  
  Fax +39 011 564 4899  
  iltof at polito dot it